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11 February 2015

David Bates Lecturer, Prof. Bert Brunekreef to present on long term effects of air pollution

Headshot-BertBrunekreefProfessor Bert Brunekreef, Professor of Environmental Epidemiology and Director of the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences at Utrecht University will be presenting the 2015 David Bates Lecture. This talk, titled “Long term effects of air pollution” takes place on the morning of Thursday, March 26 as part of the Heart + Lung Health FEST Scientific Symposium.

Prof. Brunekreef is Professor of Environmental Epidemiology in both the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine, and the Faculty of Medicine at the Utrecht University.

On several occasions, he has served as advisor on national and internati­onal panels in the field of environmental health, including the Dutch National Health Council, of which he is a member, WHO and the US EPA.

The lecture is an annual special event, held to honour Dr. David Vincent Bates, a prominent physician in Occupational and Environmental Medicine with fifty years of experience specializing in respiratory disease related to air pollutants.

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