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20 March 2012

Dr. Iris Torchalla’s “The Science of Stopping Smoking”

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Iris Torchalla was entertaining, articulate and engaging during the Highlighted Lecture she presented on Thursday, March 8th as a part of the Heart + Lung Health FEST. Joining us from CHÉOS (Centre for Health Evaluation & Outcome Sciences), Dr. Torchalla spoke to her audience about the physiological and psychological aspects of tobacco dependence. Although the lecture was titled, “The Science of Stopping Smoking”, Dr. Torchalla spoke in a way that was accessible to those with and without a background in science. One way that she accomplished this was by outlining the “5 As” (Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, Arrange) and the “5 Rs” (Relevance, Risks, Rewards, Roadblocks, Repeat). The former is meant to be used when helping a smoker who is willing to quit, while the latter outlines ways to convince an unwilling individual to think about the consequences of smoking and the benefits that will come upon deciding to quit. The “5 As” and the “5Rs” are both tools that help to motivate smoking cessation by proposing intervention and presenting information.

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