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11 January 2013

IBM Big Data Platform Speaker Announcement

Information Communication Technologies are increasingly being integrated with health care and research. It is with great excitement that we announce that Sridhar Srinivasan, the Vice President of IBM Big Data Platform for Healthcare and Government, will be speaking at this year’s FEST Scientific Symposium. He will be speaking to the topic of “Predictive & Improved Health Outcomes for Data In Motion”.

When an individual has suffered an irreversibly life-altering event, such as a traumatic brain injury, early detection of warning signs gives doctors the ability to plan and begin treatments sooner or potentially stop the progression of a condition altogether. IBM’s Sridhar Srinivasan will discuss how advanced streaming computing coupled with complex analytics is being used at various healthcare institutions across North America to analyze data in motion and establish patterns of expertise for predictive responses in the intensive care unit. Researchers are processing physiological data streams such as EEG feeds, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and temperature readings in conjunction with persistent data, such as lab test results, patient information, and symptoms reported by medical professionals and patients to uncover hidden patterns of symptom progression not visible to the naked eye.

We look forward to welcoming Mr. Srinivasan, and hope you will join us!

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