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Engage Heart + Lung Health Fest 2018

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Spirometry at the Public Forum

Concerned you may have a condition such as asthma, cystic fibrosis or COPD? A spirometry test may be your first step toward diagnosis. On March 10th, the BC Lung Association provided Public Forum a...

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Dr. Nadia Khan speaks with clarity and concern at this year's Public Forum

This year, Dr. Nadia Khan of Internal Medicine at UBC/St. Paul's Hospital addressed the audience in a talk intitled "High blood pressure - why you need to know your numbers". Speaking with clarity ...

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A tradition of excellence continued by Dr. Sverre Vedal

The David Bates Lecture is an annual special event held to honour prominent physician in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Dr. David Vincent Bates. Past recipients include C. Arden Pope II (...

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Dr. Iris Torchalla's "The Science of Stopping Smoking"

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Iris Torchalla was entertaining, articulate and engaging during the Highlighted Lecture she presented on Thursday, March 8th as a part of the Heart + Lung Health FEST. Joi...

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Let the FESTivities begin! With Dr. Harvey Fineberg

This year's FEST was off to an energetic start with the Alan Bernstein Distinguished Lecture. The President of the Insitute of Medicine, Dr. Harvey Fineberg, was the 2012 recipient of this honorabl...

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